Anhydrix™ is our lead candidate for the treatment of primary focal hyperhidrosis and has completed a Phase 2 trial. It has the potential to address patients suffering from both primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. It is the only oral, systemically acting drug for primary focal hyperhidrosis in development. Botox®, the only marketed prescription product for hyperhidrosis is locally injected and only approved for the axillary form. Other development stage products are for topical administration and also target axillary hyperhidrosis.

TheraVida retains full worldwide rights to the Anhydrix™ product.

Studies of the muscarinic antagonist, oxybutynin, have shown efficacy in hyperhidrosis but it is seldom used due to poor patient tolerance, most commonly dry mouth. Anhydrix™ is a combination of oxybutynin with a muscarinic agonist (pilocarpine) in a twice-daily oral formulation. In Anhydrix™, we use proprietary technology that controls the release and dosing of the muscarinic agonist (pilocarpine), to reduce the frequency and severity of dry mouth and, possibly, other side effects. This is expected to improve patient compliance and clinical outcomes.

In a Phase 2 clinical trial in primary focal hyperhidrosis, Anhydrix™ was shown to be efficacious by multiple measures and resulted in a statistically significant reduction in dry mouth compared to oxybutynin alone. It is important to note that this combination effect cannot be replicated simply by taking currently marketed oxybutynin and pilocarpine together as timing of the delayed release and custom dosing of pilocarpine are essential.